/ Detailed Introduction

Before Parcel Shipping:

RuTechCloud      platform provides reliable and secure data protection through our comprehensive risk control and information security protection system. This system monitors access environment security, strictly enforces communication and operation standards, establishes permission controls for information acquisition and maintenance, processes data encryption, and monitors for any abnormal behavior. With these measures in place, we can ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all data stored on our platform.

RuTechCloud      platform’s automated workflow system helps to save on labor costs and improve efficiency. The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) can be customized based on the user's designated quality system, guiding operations such as pre-cooling/pre-warming of gel packs and parcel entry and exit rules.

IoT monitoring and RFID radio frequency sensors are installed in each warehouse to support bulk operations and tracking. Operational data is automatically uploaded in real-time to the platform, simplifying work and reducing the risk of omissions and errors. The system also monitors operation situations and alerts abnormal operations in accordance with established quality standards, minimizing temperature risks due to improper operations. The data itself can also serve as quality documents and traceability certificates, providing an added benefit to users.



Real-time Temperature Monitoring and Alarm to Mitigate Temperature Deviation Risks:

Each parcel box is equipped with an IoT digital monitor that collects temperature data throughout the entire transportation process and uploads it to RuTechCloud      for real-time visualization of all temperature data.

The software uses AI and cloud computing capabilities to intelligently identify risks and promptly generate alarm data. The platform, along with the APP, WeChat, email, SMS, and other methods, can immediately notify relevant users to address exceptions, creating a fast and timely problem feedback mechanism that reduces the likelihood of risk events and proactively eliminates safety hazards.


Real-time Route Tracking to Enhance Parcel Security and Traceability:

Each parcel is equipped with a GPS module that collects and records real-time location and transportation route data. The platform visualizes the parcel's shipping location, each temperature point's location, the travel route, and the receiving location.

By using IoT and cloud computing technology, the transportation route, as well as the opening and closing of parcels, are intelligently monitored during transportation. If there is any deviation from the designated route, the system promptly notifies the sender and receiver of the potential risk of cargo theft, allowing for timely countermeasures.

In the event of a drug safety issue, the traceability information can be used to accurately locate its source, enabling timely recalls and effective monitoring of transportation safety for pharmaceutical products.

Post-shipping management:

The IoT digital monitor captures real-time event logs and intelligently executes correlation analysis. Following the conclusion of the transportation process, the monitor generates easily traceable visual evidence of all security incidents that have taken place. Additionally, both the monitor and the RuTechCloud      system can furnish temperature reports, consolidate data across the entire transportation chain, and deliver it as crucial quality documentation to users. The system is further fortified with a sound risk control mechanism and information security protection system to safeguard the data's accuracy, authenticity, and integrity.