Cold Chain Logistics &

Supply Management System


RuTechCloud      offers a comprehensive digital solution that integrates our AI-powered software and expertly designed hardware, enabling safe and efficient cold chain warehousing and transportation on a global scale.




RuTechCloud      platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data technology to offer intelligent tracking of the entire cold chain process. By providing end-to-end and door-to-door visual monitoring, it enables users to achieve full traceability of all in-stock and in-transit items, ensuring transparency and effective management. RuTechCloud platform strictly enforces established quality standards, detects potential risks, and alerts designated users in real-time. What's more, it’s highly customizable, enabling users to adjust quality standards and monitoring rules to suit their specific needs.



Parcels leaving our warehouses are equipped with a variety of digital monitors, including Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) sensors, and 2G/4G modules. Together, they create a robust and traceable logistics infrastructure. The digital monitors collect a wide range of real-time data, including dual temperature (internal and ambient), parcel location, events, battery information, and can respond to remote instructions. All data is reported real-time back to the RuTechCloud      platform.


Visual management throughout the journey with traceability of each step at any time

Real-time Temperature

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Real-time Motion Tracking

Remote Access & Control

Events Bookkeeping

History Retrace

All parcels are equipped with a unique RFID coding label that serves as its identification mark. By utilizing IoT monitoring and RFID radio frequency sensors, a corresponding relationship is established between each parcel and the drug picking list, accurately recording all warehousing and transportation data from the factory to the recipient.

With the support of IoT data collection, big data analysis, and cloud computing, users at every stage of the cold chain supply chain - from upstream to downstream - can access and query all relevant input and output data. This includes parcel location, route, real-time and historical temperature and humidity data, drug operation logs etc. With this level of data transparency, users can easily track a parcel's journey from start to finish.

Enabling Collaborative Management through Multiple Cooperation Methods for Partners

RuTechCloud     's Cloud Link seamlessly connects pharmaceutical companies, logistics firms, and customers by facilitating the recording and circulation of logistics information, including asset and warehouse management, drug parcel transportation, intelligent scheduling, data monitoring, and risk alerts.


The RuTechCloud     platform, WeChat public account, and Android app provide real-time access to inventory and logistics status for all users, enabling collaborative and integrated management for upstream and downstream companies.


RuTechCloud      also offers SaaS information system services, localized parcel deployment services, data docking services, and technical support, all of which optimize operations, streamline supply chain management, and enhance overall productivity for all partnering businesses.


Optimizing Cold Chain Management with Real-Time Data Collection and Analysis

RuTechCloud      uses advanced technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and AI to collect reliable business and equipment data from all stages of the cold chain transportation process. The intelligent analysis of warehousing, transportation, and equipment data generates a variety of data reports, providing data services to support digital decision-making and business planning. Users can monitor cold chain supply chain operations in real-time, optimizing supply chain scenarios, enhancing safety measures, ensuring timely delivery, and improving risk prevention and control plans.